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Health according to the World Health Organization, is the state of complete physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Faith represents our Christian walk – 2 Corinthians 5:7. It is a necessary tool to live the Christian life maximally, without it, the Bible says we cannot please God. So we must believe, to get things in this kingdom. We must be able to trust God when the things our eyes can see don’t look like what faith is asking of us.

Our health on the other hand as defined earlier involves all aspects of our wellbeing, not just our physical bodies. Good health is necessary for kingdom activities, it is someone that is healthy that can work for God. A sick person to a large extent will be limited in what he or she can do as it is easier for a healthy person to shine as light and dispel darkness wherever he or she is. A healthy person’s light will be bright and likely have more effect in this world. This also implies that a person who is unhealthy is unable to have good works literally talk less of people being able to see the good works and glorify God. We, therefore, need to take good care of our bodies and every aspect of our wellbeing.

Some of the practices that help us maintain good health include:

  • Eating healthy food (the more natural, the better… less processed foods)
  • Regular exercise (avoid a sedentary lifestyle)
  • Getting adequate rest when due
  • Practice good hygiene e.g. hand washing as appropriate, tooth brushing twice daily, keeping a clean environment.
  • Regular checkups at a health facility depending on your age
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol and substance abuse
  • Following counsel given by health professionals for sicknesses that occur as either as long term or short term.
  • Regular use of medications prescribed by a doctor if you have a health condition that requires everyday care such as hypertension, mental health issues…
  • Having healthy relationships with family and people
  • For faith to be balanced as well, certain things must be in place, constant study of the Word of God – Joshua 1:8 and prayer in the Spirit – Jude 1:20.

We receive faith by hearing the word of God Romans 10:17. This word comes in a personalized manner applicable to your index situation, one needs the Holy Ghost to decode appropriately what God is saying concerning the situation. This means that you have evidence despite the fact that you have not seen the desired result physically. If the above are not present, what the doctor said will happen will happen, except God decides to have mercy or He uses the situation to show His glory at a particular set time as we see in the case of the blind Bartimaeus Mark 10:49-52, John 9:2-3. Medical personnel talk based on their knowledge and experience and will not pretend about your health situation.

So what happens in real-time when you are sick?

  • Pray about it first
  • Go to the hospital and find out what is wrong with you
  • Keep praying in faith but listen to the medical counsel
  • Submit the medical diagnosis to God’s word
  • Get other believers to join their faith with yours
  • Sometimes God will give an instruction, pay attention and perform it
  • You’re safer to take the medical care while you trust God for a miracle
  • You will know when the supernatural kicks in therefore keep trusting.

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