8,000,000 Souls for Christ in 80days

As Pastor E.A Adeboye celebrates his 80 th birthday, we embark on an 8,000,000 soul winning global challenge. Aimed at awakening the consciousness and passion for soul winning as a mandate as Christians, depopulating the candidates of hell to increase membership in Heaven, raising passionate soldiers of Christ on earth and waging war against the gates of hell.

Through Town Storm Crusades. Higher Institutions Invasion. Secondary School Outreaches. Mission Fields. Global Outreaches. City Mega Crusades. Marathon Messiah’s Praise, we Reach4Christ with full force. What better gift can we give to a man after God’s heart than a gift that touches the heart of God Himself; WINNING BACK THE SOULS OF THE LOST.

Higher Institutions Invasion
Massive outreaches in several higher institutions.
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Secondary School Outreaches
Massive outreaches in several secondary schools.
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Mission Fields Outreaches
Soul winning outreaches in several rural areas.
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Town Storms Crusades
Soul winning crusades in several towns.
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Join Us

We are raising a team of 100,000 addicted soul winners called “Light Bearers”. Every believer is expected to win souls, however, how daring can you be? Here is a test and assignment for you to set out to win souls at your location consistently for a period of 80 days, follow them up and nurture them.