Secondary School Outreaches

Seconary School Outreach

Nigeria has a sizable youth population, with over 7 million secondary school pupils enrolled in its more than 15,000 public and private secondary schools.

Teenagers and members of Generation Z, who have a strong sense of pragmatism, make up a large portion of this group. Many of them are incredibly curious. Due to their inherent curiosity, these young people have been driven to unfathomable lengths. Numerous people are engulfed in their own distractions, ensnared in sadness, aimless, uninterested in worship, uncommitted to duty, and indifferent about values.

Success without continuation is a failure. Therefore, we are aware that if no real efforts are made to convert and firmly establish this particular generation in the faith, whatever success we have had with the elder generation will be gone.

Considering all these factors, we have planned to reach out to as many schools as possible in the selected states during this campaign.


  1. Bring the Gospel of Christ to the walls of classrooms and schools.
  2. Ensure the schools are evenly distributed within the proposed 8 states.
  3. Get the students of the school to commit to the great commission.
  4. Create a workable plan for discipleship to make the student abide in Christ.