City Mega Crusade

City Mega Crusades

Nigeria is a diverse country with a population of about 211 million, 52% of which are in the dense and urban areas of the country. Of this growing population, 40% are Christians. While we may not concern ourselves with issues of purposefulness or lukewarmness, the accuracy of data, or any other caveat that may ensue from the above analysis, the fact remains that a vast majority of dense and urban areas remain unsaved.


This further confirms that the harvest is plenty and as laborers in God’s vineyard we have set up city mega crusades to target specific densely populated areas of the southern and central parts of the country. The selected areas include Anambra, Kaduna, Osun, Edo, Kwara, Adamawa, Niger and Cross River. Please note that these selected areas are not cast in stone.


  1. Ensure crusades are successfully conducted in the selected states.
  2. Build and sustain relationships with local church/community leaders (RCCG & Non-RCCG)
  3. Prepare effective follow-up structures for harvested souls in each city.
  4. Create a discipleship system that would help the souls won to ABIDE.
  5. Provide adequate feedback channels