Campus Invasion

Campus Invasion

Campuses have played a pivotal role in the discovery and shaping of the destinies of young individuals, most of whom come into the learning environment almost completely clueless about who they are and what they are capable of. The spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ in various tertiary institutions has contributed immensely to these destiny discoveries.

We have had testimonies of revivals and spiritual reawakenings that erupted in some of these institutions as a result of campus invasions like the project we intend to embark on.

Higher institutions are expected to drive the Reach4Christ initiative so that we can harvest vibrant youths across the universities in Nigeria under the umbrella of the different campus fellowships and Christian organizations in their respective institutions.



  1. To reach out to undergraduates in institutions with the gospel of Christ.
  2. Get them saved and discipled.
  3. Create effective follow-up structures to keep them in Christ.
  4. Provide adequate feedback channels