Secondary School Outreaches (Peer Educators)

Nigeria is a country with a rich population of young people, with about 7million secondary school students in over 15 thousand public and private secondary institutions in the country. Many of the people in this category are teenagers and generation Z, who are very pragmatic-minded. Many of these people are richly curious. Being digital natives, such curiosities have drawn them into unthinkable extremities. Some are overwhelmed in their own distractions, locked in depression, lost in purpose, disinterested in worship, uncommitted to duty, and unconcerned about morals.

Success without succession is a failure. Hence, we know that whatever success we have achieved with the older generation will be lost if there are no tangible efforts made towards bringing this particular generation into the faith and establishing them in it.

This campaign includes nationwide secondary school outreaches, reaching students with the gospel of Christ, aligning them to purpose, and discipling them in the faith.